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Copyfree Initiative Project

This project has been created to ease the process of managing the Copyfree Initiative website.

All content in this wiki, unless otherwise indicated in the case of materials quoted or included from outside sources, is offered under the terms of the Open Works License.

Current Events


Reporting Issues

The preferred means to report an issue is to use the copyfree site project issue tracker. Please report broken links, provide suggestions for additions to the site, and otherwise inform the Copyfree Initiative of tasks you feel need doing by way of that issue tracker. You may also inform the Copyfree Initiative of issues by sending messages about them to the mailing list or mentioning them in the freenode/#copyfree IRC channel (see the Copyfree Community page for details), but it is best if this is only used to call attention to new issues added to the issue tracker or ask about the status of existing issues, rather than as the sole means of informing us of issues. The issue tracker provides a means of ensuring that reported issues do not get lost in the shuffle the way they might with an IRC message.


Site Source

While site source has not yet been made available, there are plans to do so. Watch this space.