Fossil Record

Watch this space. Fossil Record (aka FossRec) is in development.

Evolution and Archaeology

As your project grows; as your portfolio grows; as open source software grows; as the world of technology grows, we need ways to guide its development and understand what has come before. Open licensing and knowledge of how we have gotten to where we are provides the foundation for further progress. Without these things, we labor in ignorance and are doomed to repeat the unknown efforts of others.

These are the challenges FossRec seeks to meet. More information will become available as we sort out our priorities and implement our vision for helping developers meet these goals and learn about how others are doing the same.

Current Status

FossRec is currently in development, and much of its eventual planned functionality is lacking at this time. As things currently stand, repository hosting is by invitation, requires direct intervention to set up, and is not integrated via sitewide sign-on. A platform migration is underway, and once that is done it is expected that continued development of FossRec will accelerate.

A list of some projects currently hosted by FossRec is available at the bottom of this page.


The following is a set of documentation pages relevant to use of Fossil, for both general use and specifically for use with FossRec.

Test Projects